Face to Face

I understand Daniel. Face down. Trembling. A vision that must be sealed. I hear John. So much to say. Cannot say. Face to face we must. This world will keep you apart. War is a distraction. A weapon. To change the law. If so, change it must. And my prayer is this. Do I understand what it is you have given me? Do I share what it is to light the fire that will burn down the roaring river. Do I light the candle in the window?——for you are coming. I tell the neighbors, “turn your light on.” His timing. Without fail. Prepare the way. We will be pale. Faces to the ground. And then He will say, “Do not be afraid.” And now you know His voice. You will be lifted. Hold on to that very moment. Look to the hills. Lift your eyes. You will be face to face. The lion. Ari.

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