Perfect Love

Romans 8 is a life chapter for me. I pray you’re strengthened by His Word today. By the depth of His Perfect Love—that which casts out fear. Anchors the soul. Covers a multitude of sin. Jesus you’re the answer. We fix our eyes on you. On things above. I have not suffered in vain. Surrendering my battle, He is working together for the good of those who love Him. Lifting up the broken hearted. Specifically, families who’ve endured a loved one with postpartum psychosis. Surviving, you will thrive again. There is hope. Forgiveness. Peace that surpasses all understanding. It is Promised. And He is faithful. God bless you. Pour out His favor on you, as you’re obedient in the walk. The light shines on the darkness and darkness has not and will not overcome it. Thank you, Jesus.

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