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What is it? Lifting of scales in a simultaneous hot flash. Fresh wind. What some thought was counterculture was a poppycock sludge covering stumbling block to convert those deceitfully toward bondage. Some want to rebel and fight. And so we tag along on the social justice train. Let the meeeee dia vomit and return to its vomit. I’m sorry I once hustled that path. I got clipped by a snare. Stunned. Confused. Tossed by waves. And I’m grateful now he unveiled his tactics so that He could use them and turn them for good–the good that only brings Him glory–the highest of praise–because once the scales are lifted you see the LIGHT of the GLORY of the living God in the face of Jesus Christ. The undeniable Goodness of God. The ONE who fights for you. Chases you down with mercy and unfailing love. The Lion AND the Lamb. The social justice Jesus was the happenings along the journey and in the walk toward His ultimate purpose and plan. YOU have a purpose and a plan for such a time as this. Don’t get distracted by the hustle. Tell lie vision is coming at you from the prince of the air to assault your stimuli. Leave me isolation. Leave me gossip. I rebuke you toothless shadows. Holy Spirit stand in comfort, counsel, wisdom, prophecy, renewal, transformation… Faith is by believing in what you do not see. Pray without ceasing brothers and sisters. Oh He can show you–taste and see that the Lord is Good. Extra measure of sight, sound, taste, and smell–supernatural dimensions of knowing. In Jesus name. Be invigorated. Be inspired. Be remembering what He’s done, is doing, and will do. For HE IS COMING TO CLAIM WHAT HE PAID FOR IN FULL. Repent. Forgive. Love. Slow your roll. Rest in His breath. Wash yourself in the Word. In the Word. In the Word. Don’t rush this step. Take your time. Honor. Comm-unity. Come unity. Peace be with Jerusalem.

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