The Circle & The Ring

My prayer for you: Careful, as you walk through the dense fog of war, that you remain in Christ’s Reality. As the Holy Spirit lights a path under your feet, allow your senses to engage in only that moment. You’ve declared your (pro)vision. Leveling up to pray like a prophet. Pause. Your pace may slow but your steps are firm. And the foundation underfoot is solid like a rock. You will dodge quicksand. A viper. Poisonous thorns. No weapon formed against you will prosper. You are obedient daily. His Will. His Way. And He is faithful. Unfailing. We aligned to His side. It is His battle. His battleground. His terrain. His forecast. His victory. Share and revel and be in awe. With the Strength of His Might. We are never walking alone. Sing a praise of this promise. Fix your center on Jesus. Yeshua The Messiah. A Lion. Ari.

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