The struggle is real right now. But God gave us prophecy to prepare. Not to scare.

Stand firm. If there is a shaking in your life, as there was in ours. I pray, Lord shake off what we do not need. What is a snare to us. Prune us, Abba. Without which, the harvest of our fruit is minimal. Press in. Be pressed. Jesus make new wine out of me. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. I will not be stuck. Not stuck in sin. Not stuck in my past. Not stuck in the cursing of my tongue in judgement over my brother.

Create in me an unoffendable heart. Forgive. Love. Praise be to the God who sees us. Our Creator. Designed for communion and relationship. Destined for salvation. Reconciliation. Righteousness. In our weakness, let us activate the Might of His Strength. Thank you, Jesus. For eyes to see. Ears to hear. Let the scales fall off. Every knee will bow. I SEE it now. We are in awe of your glory. Ready to step into our calling. Our role within the Kingdom. Two feet planted firmly. Rooted in the Word. Sinners to Saints.

SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY! In Jesus name. Amen.

Twinkling of an eye bible verses


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